2019 Santo Domingo Declaration

Declaración de Santo Domingo

This declaration, the Act of the Annual RedSNIP Meeting of May 8th and 9th in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, recognizes that public investment is constituted in an effective instrument through which public policies impact on social inequality, wealth generation and considerations on the well-being of the population, ratifies the commitment to orient public investment approach with a human face inclusively and sustainably and defines the following as the working priorities for the Network for the coming period:

  • Training and education of public servants in RedSNIP / capacity strengthening
  • PPPs and their follow-up and monitoring
  • Tax risks associated with the PPP
  • SNIP institutional and regulatory framework
  • Study on capital transfers to subnational governments from SNIP / subnational SNIP experiences/management in their territorial areas
  • Treatment of municipal projects (approval and follow-up)
  • Multiannual investment planning based on gap closure
  • Effect and impact indicators for public investment programs/investment plan assessment
  • Improving transparency, access to information, accountability and participation of society in public investment


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