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The SNIP of Guatemala, and its efforts to generate more resilient infrastructure against disasters and the effects of climate change. Since 2005, SNIP has been developing the Risk Management Analysis Tool for Public Investment Projects (AGRIP) as a continuous effort. This tool enables the identification of potential threats at the Project site where construction, expansion, or improvement is planned, using field evaluation reports that are then incorporated into the digital AGRIP tool to estimate the level of risk. Based on the results obtained from AGRIP, the Project developer should consider either revising the project plan and identifying a new location or presenting relevant Risk Mitigation Measures (RMM) to reduce the probable impacts of the threats present in the location, along with the costs associated with implementing those measures. Another significant aspect of SNIP’s experience is that AGRIP is applied to all sectors, regardless of the investment amount, and to achieve this, the Investment Directorate for Development under the SEGEPLAN’s Investment Sub Secretariat has a national training program. This program aims to train both national entities and municipalities in using the AGRIP tool effectively.