Economic Development and Planning Unit of Bahamas

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The Economic Development and Planning Unit is in charge right now of promoting, monitoring and reporting on the progress of achieving SDGs. There is a submitted proposal, which is still in process for internal approval and Cabinet approval, to create a SDGs Technical Committee, which will be coordinated by the Unit and that is meant to be divided in three sub committees, with stakeholders from civil society and other ministries. This committees are organized based on the three dimensions of the Agenda and once it is approved authorities will proceed to formalize its structure, responsibilities, and members.

2030 Agenda follow-up mechanisms

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The monitoring and reporting of statistics in relation to the progress of the SDGs is the responsibility of the Statistics Department. Additionally, the government is working on strengthening monitoring capacities, through the establishment of a National Statistical System and the creation of a Framework for Monitoring, evaluation and review, for the implementation of the National Development Plan, as general scheme that integrates the SDGs. Thus, this new framework will be a second instance of follow-up for the 2030 Agenda.

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