General Directorate for Public Investment and Credit, Ministry of Finance of El Salvador

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El Salvador

The General Directorate of Investment and Public Credit (DGICP) of the Ministry of Finance is responsible for managing the public investment process, which comprises a set of technical and regulatory instruments and procedures through which the institutions of the Non-Financial Public Sector (NFPS) identify, formulate, evaluate, prioritize, program, execute and monitor public investment projects, in order to achieve an efficient allocation and management of public resources for investment projects.


The mandate of this Directorate also includes providing technical and legal assistance to NFPS institutions in the different stages of the investment and public debt process, in order to achieve greater agility and efficiency in their execution, among others. Coordinates the preparation of the Five-Year Investment Plan, proposes norms and guidelines for the execution of the investment policy. Prepares the Annual Public Investment Program and monitors its execution.


Stages of the Investment Project Cycle in which it participates:

Formulation, Ex Ante Evaluation and Execution


Stages of the Public Investment Policy Cycle in which it participates:

Planning, Budgeting, Ex Post Audit.

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