General Directorate of Public Investment of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit of Nicaragua

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The General Directorate of Public Investment (DGIP) is the governing body of Nicaragua's SNIP and its main function is to ensure an investment process that contributes to the country's development and social welfare goals through quality, efficient, sustainable and resilient investments, with a gender, generational and multicultural approach, within a framework of sustainable public spending.


The DGIP is responsible for developing norms and methodologies that contribute to the formulation and ex-ante evaluation of investment projects. To facilitate the life cycle of projects, it manages the Public Investment Information Systems (SIIP), where public entities register investment projects in order to obtain the "Technical Endorsement" from the DGIP. The DGIP analyzes the projects and if they comply with the regulations, it issues the Technical Endorsement. The DGIP leads the monitoring process of the investment projects and, through the SIIP, makes available to the public information on the physical and financial progress of the projects until their completion.


Stages of the Investment Project Cycle in which it participates:
Formulation, Ex Ante Evaluation, Execution.


Stages of the Public Investment Policy Cycle in which it participates:
Planning, Budgeting.

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