General Directorate of Public Investments, Ministry of Finance of Honduras

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The General Directorate of Public Investment of the Ministry of Finance as the governing body of the National Public Investment System of Honduras (SNIPH) is responsible for the preparation of the Public Investment Plan, prioritization of project feasibility, physical and financial programming of investments, physical and financial monitoring of projects and project closure. It elaborates the methodologies for the formulation and evaluation of investment projects, and the evaluation of compliance with these methodologies in the projects presented by public institutions. Among its duties is also the monitoring of the execution of investment projects until they are concluded. It collaborates with the General Budget Directorate in the preparation of the Public Investment Plan. Once the plan is in the implementation stage, it is responsible for producing monthly and quarterly progress reports.


Stages of the Investment Project Cycle in which it participates:
Formulation, Ex Ante Evaluation, Execution.


Stages of the Public Investment Policy Cycle in which it participates:
Planning, Budgeting, Ex Post Audit.

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