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The government of Jamaica has established an inter-agency SDGs Core Group, comprising the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade (MFAFT), the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ), and the Statistical Institute of Jamaica. These three entities have committed to coordinate and collaborate with other Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies, the Private Sector, Civil Society, Academia and other local, regional and international stakeholders for the successful implementation of the SDGs in Jamaica.

Jamaica has also designed a Follow-up mechanism to monitor and evaluate progress made regarding the 2030 Agenda in the country. The institutions in charge are STATIN, PIOJ and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade. It reflects the Government of Jamaica’s acknowledgement of the high importance of data and statistics for the success of the new development agenda. Jamaica also plays a lead role at the global level, with STATIN representing the country and the subregion in the Inter-Agency and Expert Group on SDG Indicators (IAEG-SDGS).

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The monitoring platform for SDGs in Jamaica is included in the official website of the Planning Institute of Jamaica.