Investment Unit, Sub-secretariat of Expenditures, Ministry of Finance and Public Credit of Mexico

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The objective of the Investment Unit of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit is to participate in the processes of regulation, planning, programming, evaluation, budgeting and monitoring of investment programs and projects, as well as to promote investment modalities that allow complementing public resources with private resources, in accordance with the objectives and strategies of the National Development Plan, so that the investment expenditure of the Federal Public Administration is allocated efficiently and effectively in the investment programs and projects that provide the greatest benefit to society.


As the unit responsible for Public Investment, it manages the Investment Portfolio System, where investment projects to be included in the budget are registered. It analyzes these projects in accordance with the regulations in force and, based on the projects that comply with the regulations, prepares a package with the prioritized projects and submits it to the Intersectoral Public Expenditure Commission for validation. During the execution of the projects, it is responsible for following up on them based on the information reported by the entities and agencies of the Federal Public Administration and based on this information it prepares monthly, bimonthly, quarterly and annual reports submitted to Congress and the Commission (only quarterly reports). Upon completion of the projects, this same entity is responsible for carrying out ex-post short, medium and long-term evaluations. Annually, it is its responsibility to incorporate the evaluation of public investment in the Public Account submitted by the Ministry of Finance to Congress.


Stages of the Investment Project Cycle in which it participates:
Formulation, Ex Ante Evaluation, Execution, Ex Post Evaluation.


Stages of the Public Investment Policy Cycle in which it participates: 
Budgeting, Ex Post Audit

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