Multi Stakeholder Forum for an Open Government of the Dominican Republic

  • Government
  • Civil society
  • Private sector
  • Academic Sector
República Dominicana

The Multi-stakeholder Forum for an Open Government is a space for permanent dialogue and collaboration between the government, civil society and non-governmental actors. It is in charge of coordinating, facilitating the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Action Plans, and promotes the institutional opening for the construction of an Open State in the country.


The Forum is made up of:


- General Director of Ethics and Government Integrity, who chairs and coordinates it

- Minister of Economy, Planning and Development

- Minister of Finance

- General Director of Public Procurement

- General Director of Budget

- Director of the Government Office of Information and Communication Technology


Civil society:

- Azuana Foundation for People with Disabilities Milagros Urraca Espinosa (FUNAPMUE)

- INPRET Foundation

- Sow and Harvest Foundation Dominican Republic



- University of the Caribbean (UNICARIBE)

- Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD)


Private sector:

- Eco Supplier