National Board of Open Government of Argentina

  • Government
  • Civil society

The Board was created by Resolution 132/2018 to coordinate the work between the government and civil society to articulate efforts to promote open government policies. In addition, it approves its internal operating regulations. It is made up of government and civil society representatives:


Government: Undersecretary of Services and Digital Country (Secretariat of Public Innovation, Head of the Cabinet of Ministers), the Secretariat of Political Affairs (Ministry of the Interior), the Anti-Corruption Office and the Agency for Access to Public Information.


Civil society: Acción Colectiva, Democracia en Red, Fundación Huésped y Fundación para el Desarrollo de Políticas Sustentables (Fundeps). The Network of Civil Society Organizations for an open State is in charge of the selection of these organizations.


Activities of the National Board of Open Government:

- Prioritizes, analyzes and classifies the proposals for commitments with the participating organizations.

- Writes the final version of the commitments.

- Follows up and evaluates the initiatives during their implementation.

- Publicly reports the actions undertaken in the execution of the Plan before the national and international community of Open Government.


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