Physical Planning Unit of Grenada

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This Unit manages and regulates the physical use of land throughout the state, examines and approves building plans.

The Physical Planning Unit consists of two closely aligned sections: Forward Planning and Development Control. The Department is headed by the Senior Planning Officer who reports to the Permanent Secretary.

The main objectives of the Physical Planning Unit are:

  • To guide the future development of the State by establishing a National Physical Development Plan, Local Area Plans and schemes for National Development.
  • To ensure the orderly and progressive development of land, in a manner that will protect the environment and conserve the nation’s heritage.
  • To implement the Grenada Building Code and Guidelines.
  • Facilitate improved efficiency in the processing of applications for approval to develop land and monitoring of developments.
  • Implement and maintain a Geographic Information System (GIS) in order to enhance the output of the Physical Planning Unit.



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