Technical Secretariat for Economic and Social Development Planning (STP) of Paraguay

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The mission of the Technical Secretariat for Economic and Social Development Planning (STP) is "to coordinate and promote the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the national development process." This vision is based on "leadership with excellence in the promotion, orientation and coordination of national development". The STP is in charge of preparing the National Development Plan: Paraguay 2030.


Together with the Ministry of Finance, the STP is responsible for providing guidelines for the public management process and guiding the preparation of the Institutional Strategic Plans, the Annual Investment Plan, the Annual Operating Plan and the Public Budget.


As a result of this process, the STP prepares an annual report on the efforts taken and the priority actions, while the Ministry of Finance prepares the Annual Report on Financial Statements, which are presented to Congress and the Executive Branch. In addition, these two bodies (STP and Ministry of Finance) are responsible for the process of monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the National Development Plan through monitoring the execution of spending, measuring progress in infrastructure of investment programs, and monitoring the production of goods and services by State Agencies and Entities (OEE). 


Likewise, for the purposes of the Open Government Partnership, the STP is the public institution that represents the country and is responsible for ensuring that government organizations and civil society participate in the design, implementation and monitoring of the Open Government Action Plans.