Virtual Meeting (October 2020) of the Latin American and Caribbean Network of National Public Investment Systems (SNIP)

The agenda defined with the participation of the member countries for our 2020 annual meeting had included a session on the challenges and advances in the management of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) within the framework of the SNIPs. Due to the pandemic, the face-to-face meeting was canceled and virtual meetings were held on different topics included in the agenda. 

The pandemic has had an impact on public investment and PPP management, but this has been different depending on the countries of the Region. 

The session opens a space for discussion between experts and member directors to reflect together on the lessons learned and challenges for 2021 and the medium term. 

In the current context of the pandemic and its consequence in the fall of public revenues due to the sharp drop in the level of economic activity, greater participation of private investment in priority investment projects to recover economic activity can be a positive strategy if the conditions for its realization are generated.

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The Impact of COVID 19 on PPP Management and Public Investment Systems and Challenges for the Post Pandemic
Gerardo Reyes Tagle, Especialista Leader en Desarrollo Fiscal y Municipal, BID
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Panel of Country Cases and a Sub-national Perspective
Modera: Roberto Garcia Lopez Secretario Ejecutivo CoPLAC-GpRD BID, Martin Francos Rodriguez, Director General de Inversión Pública de República Dominicana, Facundo Salinas,Director de Inversión Pública de Paraguay y Guido Ragugni Director de Inversión Pub
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