Project formulation and evaluation guide -FEPIP-.

The FEPIP Guide contributes to increasing the capacity of human resources at the central and subnational levels in project formulation and evaluation based on an orderly and dynamic process for strengthening the pre-investment phase. The document is structured as follows: The first part of this guide addresses, in a general manner, introductory topics related to the National Planning System (SNP), the SNIP and its norms, the project life cycle, the preinvestment phase, its stages and the changes in the scope of formulation and evaluation proposed by the current Preinvestment Policy (PPre), same that are considered of importance. The second part addresses, from chapter one to nine, the different studies for the formulation of a project, such as diagnosis, market, technical, administrative and legal studies; environmental analysis, natural disaster risk and adaptation to climate change. The third part, on the financial study and evaluation of the project, considers, with practical examples, a quick theoretical review and the criteria normally considered for financial, economic and social evaluation. In addition, some manuals on project formulation and evaluation are suggested as additional references and complements to the corresponding bibliographic sources.