Mechanism of articulation/coordination between sectorial and land planning in Guyana


National level: 

Land planning in Guyana focuses on the physical land development and its main regulatory framework is the Town and Country Planning Act of Guyana, which aims at the orderly and progressive development of the land in urban and rural areas, for the preservation and for the improvement of available amenities. This act establishes the planning frameworks, which are intended to: (a) control the land development in unoccupied and built areas; (b) ensure adequate sanitary conditions and the coordination of roads and public services; (c) protect and expand amenities and (d) conserve and develop the resources of the management area.

The Central Authority may, with the approval of the responsible Minister, draw up regulations that will be implemented with the approval of the National Assembly . In addition to the planning schemes, in Guyana there are other instruments that impact the forms of occupation and development of the land: (a) Land Use Baseline Report of 1996; (b) Land Use Policy (2004, 2007, 2012) and (c) Guyana National Land Use Plan 2013.

There are no strong coordination between the different policies and plans. The National Land Use Plan recognizes that land use planning lacks an integral view of zoning process and does not significantly incorporate environmental considerations in order to promote a sustainable development. 

Intermediate level: 

The administrative Region is the intermediate level of public management in Guyana. Each region is administered by a Regional Democratic Council (RDC), headed by a chief or president (Chairman). At the local level, there are three types of government authority: the Regional Democratic Councils (CDRs), the Municipal Councils and the Democratic Neighborhood Councils (CDN). The Regional Democratic Council is the supreme governing body in each region and is responsible for the management and the coordination of all democratic bodies within its limits. The Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development is the government agency that links the local government authorities with the central government

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