Mechanism of articulation/coordination between sectorial and land planning in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

National Level: 

Land Planning in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is focused on physical factors and is regulated by the Town and Country Planning Act (No.45 of 1992). This Act aims to promote an orderly and progressive land development, guarantee an adequate planning process and control urban and rural areas development.

The Ministry of Housing, Informal Human Settlements, Land and Surveys, and Physical Planning is charged with the execution of the laws. However, the Town and Country Planning Act also establishes a Physic Planning and Development Board which has the following responsibilities:

(a) to institute and maintain a study of town and country Board development;

(b) to prepare national, regional and local plans for submission to the Minister for approval by Cabinet and to keep the plans under review;

(c) to ensure the orderly and progressive development of land and the proper planning of town and country areas.

In environmental matters, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has an Environmental Management Act (2009) whose purpose is to assign administrative responsibilities in regard to the management of the environment, the realization and coordination of management environmental and related activities.  Therefore, the National Environmental Commission is the entity responsible for:

a)  coordinating, supervising and preserving the protection and sustainable use of natural resources

b) ensuring that the environmental management is coordinated with the development decision-making process.

c) promoting, through interdepartmental and inter-ministerial cooperation, the prudent use and proper management of the natural resources.

d) coordinating the activities of other agencies related to the management of the environment.

It is the responsibility of the The Ministry of Economic Planning, Sustainable Development and Information Technology to ensure the coordination between environmental policies and those of socioeconomic development. Likewise, it corresponds to the Ministry of Housing, Informal Human Settlements, Lands and Surveys, and Physical Planning to ensure the proper interaction between physical planning and the environmental policies and norms of land use. This interaction should to be present in the National, regional and local physical development plans.

Intermediate level: 


The territorial organization of the public administration only has two territorial instances: central and local (parishes). There is no intermediate level.

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