Mechanism of articulation/coordination between sectorial and land planning in Suriname


National level:

Not only does Land planning in Guyana aim at the physical land development, but also it provides land use orientations for national and regional levels. The main regulatory framework for land planning is the Landsverordening van 1 3 juni 1973 houdende regelen betreffende de nationale en regionale planningThe implementation of this Act was initially assigned to the Ministry of Construction but in 2006 the Ministry of Physical Planning, Lands and Forest Management -MPPLFM was created, and is currently the legal entity responsible for formulating the National Program of Sustainable Development. This Program is the framework for multiannual plans formulation and other investment projects for regional development.

The planning for development coordination is carried out through several mechanisms that involve the MPPLFM Planning Office, the Planning Bureau, the Coordination Committee and the Council of Ministers. The Planning Office prepares the development program, the Minister considers Planning Bureau and Coordination Committee observations and requests the approval of the Council of Ministers for the final adoption of the program. There is also an Intersectoral Consultative Committee for the development planning coordinarion, which is in charge of ensuring program’s consistency with other sectoral policies and plans.

The Ministry of Physical Planning, Lands and Forest Management is the entity responsible for the formulation of the general land policy, including the administration of forests and protected areas.  However, the effectiveness of the Ministry is currently limited by the overlap of authorities. For this reason, ad-hoc commissions have been established to provide advice on solutions to land-related problems. There is no national agency, inter-ministerial mechanism or institute that effectively coordinates policies, programs or projects related to land (Government of Suriname and UNDP, Capacity Building in and Mainstreaming of Sustainable Land Management in Suriname, 2012).

Intermediate level:

The territorial organization of the public administration only has two territorial instances: central and local (districts). There is no intermediate level.

Sectorial topic