National Planning System of Dominica

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The Growth and Social Protection Strategy (GSPS) is prepared by the Ministry of Finance. 

The GSPS benefited greatly from three consultative processes. The first was the Integrated Development Plan Program, the second was the Country Poverty Assessment process and the third was the GSPS's own consultative process involving four main focus groups: intergovernmental, interregional, national, and international. At the internal level, a preliminary draft was distributed to Ministry of Finance technical staff for the purpose of collecting comments. The document was adjusted and then circulated to most of the heads within the Public Service. Presentations were then made with the participation of the Permanent Secretaries on the components, including the macroeconomic framework and sectoral and social protection strategies. The permanent secretaries provided feedback on the presentations and provided comments. Subsequently, a series of seven regional discussions on focus groups was held. Representatives from local authorities, NGOs, community organizations and field extension officers from Decentralized Government Ministries. The views of more than a thousand representatives were reflected in these discussions. The procedures were recorded and subsequently transcribed. Every effort was made to incorporate into the document the recommendations emanating from Consultations.


In recent times, Government has taken action to strengthen its development planning, implementation, coordination, and follow-through in the entire government system. The position of Chief Development Planner was upgraded with special focus on improving the performance of the Public Sector Investment Programme and to strengthen implementation and monitoring of the GSPS.

As indicated above, the GSPS provides the broad frame. In certain cases, (where sector strategies and plans were available), it was to a large extent informed by these sector strategies and plans. In other cases it is expected that the GSPS will guide policy formulation and preparation of strategies and plans at the sector level.

The Ministry of Finance has responsibility for laying out the overall macro-economic and fiscal framework and outlining its annual fiscal plans and policies, and monitoring their implementation. Line ministries, through their departments and agencies, are responsible for implementing and reporting on their strategies, programmes and annual work plans.

Steps have been taken to improve the management and efficiency of the Public Sector Investment Programme and make a greater effort to accelerate the process from project conceptualization to execution. To this end, the monitoring system was strengthened to place greater emphasis on outputs, outcomes and impacts. In the process, training programmes were conducted to build the capacity of ministries and implementing agencies to better understand and to effectively utilize the revised monitoring instruments. In addition, a training programme in Project Cycle Management was also conducted with support from the National Authorizing Office for project officers from the respective line ministries. The Ministry of Finance will keep under review the implementation and monitoring of the PSIP with the intention to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the programme.

The Committee of Permanent Secretaries now constitutes the inter-ministerial monitoring mechanism for the Public Sector Investment Programme. Meetings are convened monthly which are coordinated by the Ministry of Finance.


This plan is based on the indicators suggested in the EU-sponsored Development of a Performance Assessment Framework (PAF) for Dominica’s GSPS30. It assesses the performance tools and mechanisms used for the GSPS and makes recommendations for improving monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the national strategy. The PAF itself takes account of the EU-sponsored PEFA assessment. The selection of performance indicators must also be informed by the fact that the GSPS is not intended to constitute a plan of action but a broad strategic framework for guiding policy across sectors into the medium term. In a few cases it is informed by sector strategies; otherwise it is hoped that the GSPS will spawn sector strategies and plans, with strategic direction, setting the parameters by which development activities must be defined. Their absence is one of the reasons for the frequently observed absence of clear strategic focus. In the fiscal year 2013/14, the Ministry of Finance supported the line ministries in the preparation of Annual Work Programmes.

Connection with sectoral planning

In the implementation it includes work with organisms from many sectors, including Education, Fishing, Tourism, Business, Gender, Infrastructure, etc.

Connection with territorial planning

In the elaboration process a series of seven regional focus group discussions took place in January of 2005. These discussions involved representatives of Local Authorities, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) and field extension officers of decentralized Government Ministries.


*Dominica has elaborated a development strategy named Growth and Social Protection Strategy (GSPS). Currently the fourth version (2014-2018) is in force. The GSPS is the Government's overall framework for macroeconomic policies, structural reform plans strategies, annual public sector investment programs, budgets and social protection strategies and poverty reduction.