Planning of Grenada: National Sustainable Development Plan 2030 (consultation)

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The National Sustainable Development Plan is in process of consultation.


The Committee of Social Partners was instrumental in creating a long-term development plan. Several documents were used as input for the creation of the National Sustainable Development Plan 2030, some of them are: National Strategic Development Plan 2007, Alternative Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy 2013, Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy 2014 and Social Compact 2015.

The Social Partners, recognizing the void as described above, proposed to the present Government, the idea of elaborating a National Development Plan to cover the next 15 years of nation building efforts. The Government accepted and endorsed the proposal as put forward.


Process of Measurement:

  • Levels of Measurement
  • The Indicators and Targets
  • Sources of Data
  • Development of Priority
  • Scorecards

Dashboard Approach will be created with different measurement indicators, National Dashboard, Development Priority and Sector Monitoring.


*This document is in this moment a working draft submitted to Cabinet. The final document is expected to be submitted to Parliament in November 2019