The Pluriannual Public Investment Plan (PPIP) is part of the National Development Plan PND “An Entire Life” for the period 2017-2021. The PPIP establishes indicative public investment amounts which are projected to be executed yearly to reach each one of the PND’s nine strategic goals and establishes the prioritization criteria for the investment projects: Poverty reduction, Territorial gap closing, Creation of employment, Generation of complementarity with private initiatives, Increase of systematic productivity to contribute to the strengthening of non-traditional export, Intensity in national inputs: mainly use of raw material from national production, without encouraging the increase of import.

Latest update: June 16, 2021


List of projects

The Investment plan does not incorporate a list of projects.

Project cost

The Investment Plan does not include the cost of the individual projects.

Assigned budget

The Investment Plan considers indicative investment amount estimations added per strategic pillar of the National Development Plan.


The plan does not outline the territorialization of the public investment.

Product and/or Result Indicators

The plan does not include output and/or outcome indicators.


The plan does not include a prioritized list of projects or a specification of criteria for prioritizing.