The 2018-2022 Pluriannual Investment Plan is the document which incorporates the investment projects that are considered priority to reach the goals of the National Development Plan (PND). The plan is prepared by the National Planning Department as established in Law 152 of 1994. The plan estimates investment amounts per sector, per region, per department and per each of the agreements (strategic pillars) of the PND. The projected public investment includes resources from the National General Budget, from the territories (departmental and local governments) and the private sector. Another particularity is that the document also includes the Pluriannual Investment Plan for Peace, containing a list of projects that contribute to reestablishing peace to be executed in specific territories. The general list of projects is divided by regions and type of projects (structured, under structuring and regional), and there is segmentation by each of the agreements (strategic pillars) of the PND. It does not indicate individual investment amounts per project or source of financing.

Latest update: August 19, 2020


Projects List

The project list is structured by regions and shows 3 types of projects: structured projects, projects in process of structuring and regional projects.

Project Costs

The list of projects does not indicate their cost. 


The investment amounts foreseen in the plan are indicative.


The Pluriannual Investment Plan clearly indicates the amounts that will be invested per region and territorial department. At the same time, the annex with the complete list of projects is divided by regions.

Product and Results Indicators

The investment plan does not include product and/or result indicators.


The project list does not include a preferential order and/or prioritization criteria.

Caracterización del Plan