The 2019 Investment Plan is an investment programming document prepare by the General Public Investment Directorate, as established in Organic Budget Law for the Public Sector No. 423-06. The list of projects in this document outlines the name of the responsible entity. For each project the SNIP code is indicated, the project name, investment amount for the relevant year and sources of financing (general fund, external credit and/or donations). The Investment Plant is included as an annex in the General Budget Law of the State.


List of projects

The list is segmented by responsible entity, for each project the SNIP code is mentioned, as well as the name of the project, investment amount for the relevant year and the sources of financing (General Fund, External Credit and/or Donations).

Project cost

The investment plan shows the individual total cost of the investment projects.

Assigned budget

For some projects their geographical location is mentioned.

Product and/or Result Indicators

Para algunos proyectos se menciona su ubicación geográfica.

Indicadores de Producto y/o Resultados

The investment plan does not include product and/or result indicators.


The project list does not include a preferential order and/or prioritization criteria.