The Public Investment Program (PIP) is annually prepared by the Sub-Secretariat of Investment for Development - SEGEPLAN, as established in the Organic Budget Law and its Regulations. The PIP includes information on the government’s expenses and the macroeconomic environment in the country, it outlines the link between public investment and the 2032 National Development Plan, the distribution of public investment in accordance with the guidelines of the Government’s General 2020-2024 Policy.

The list of investment projects is shown separated by Central Government Entities, National Public Non-Financial Companies and Department Councils with general data (project name, executory unity, annual programmed amount and total programmed amount).

Latest update: June 16, 2021


List of projects

The project list shows the name of the responsible entity, the SNIP code of the investment project, name, amount of internal and external sources of financing and the total programmed to be executed during the year.

Project cost

The investment plan shows the individual total cost of the investment projects.

Assigned budget

The investment projects included in the plan have an assigned budget.


The Investment Program analyzes the public investment per territory, and shows the geographical location of the investment projects.

Product and/or Result Indicators

The investment plan includes product and/or result indicators.


The project list does not include a preferential order and/or prioritization criteria.