The 2021 Public Investment Plan is a document with an annual horizon, which is prepared by the General Public Investment Directorate of the Honduras Secretariat of Finance, as established in articles 56 and 57 of the Organic Budget Law. This plan is divided into five sections, the first two dedicated to the conceptual, legal and regulatory framework of public investment in Honduras, the third section on the evolution of public investment since 2013, the fourth section describes the most relevant aspects projected for public investment in 2021, highlighting the projects of the greatest importance and the sectoral physical targets.

The lists of investment projects are included as annexes and outline the name of the projects, the responsible entity, the source of financing (external credit, external donations, own resources, National Treasury) and the total investment amount for management period 2021, outlining the investment projects under the Private-Public Association modality. Additionally, the 2021-2023 Pluriannual Public Investment Program is annexed. This program specifies the investment amounts projected per sectorial cabinet, institution and investment project.

Latest update: June 16, 2021


List of projects

The list of projects outlines the name of the responsible institution, the name of the project, the source of financing and the annual assigned amount.

Project cost

The investment plan shows the individual total cost of the investment projects.

Assigned budget

The investment projects included in the plan have an assigned budget.


Some projects include the location as part of the project's name.

Product and/or Result Indicators

The investment plan includes added sectoral product targets.


The investment plan does not include prioritization criteria.