The 2023 Investment Plan is an investment programming document prepared by the General Directorate of Public Investment, in accordance with the provisions of the Organic Law of Budget for the Public Sector, No. 423-06. The 2023 Investment Plan details each project according to its codification, name, region, province, municipality, period of execution, the corresponding government section, the executing institution, its linkage with the actions, objectives and axes of the National Development Strategy, the cost of each project, the programmed and executed.

Latest update: February 21, 2023


List of projects

The list identifies each project with its name and geographic area, as well as information on the type of financing, project status, budgetary situation, the institution executing the project and the government section responsible for it, the functionality of each project in the plan and the costs of each one.

Project cost

The Investment Plan shows the total individual cost of the investment projects.

Assigned budget

The investment projects included in the plan have an assigned budget and expenditure status.


They are identified according to region, province and municipality.

Product and/or Result Indicators

The investment plan does not include product and/or result indicators.


All projects are linked to the Multi-Year Investment Plan, which takes into account the prioritized policies of the National Multi-Year Public Sector Plan 2021-2024.

Caracterización del Plan