The Annual Public Investment Program is a planning instrument prepared by the General Public Investment and Credit Directorate taking the pluriannual budget programming as a reference, as established in the Organic Law on Financial Administration (AFI Law). Even though this is not publicly accessible, their monthly progress can be enquired about on the portal of the Ministry of Finance. The progress reports show the progress on the investment budget execution separated by source of financing, sector, executory entity and investment project. One can also request the complete list of projects in execution that outline the total investment amount (in US dollars), the programmed and executed amount for the month reported on and the accumulated percentage of progress in financial execution.

Latest update: June 16, 2021


List of projects

The list of projects is divided by executory institution, shows the project code, the name, annual programmed amount (US dollars), amount executed during the month reported on and the percentage of execution of the total accumulated budget.

Project cost

Shows the cost for each of the investment projects.

Assigned budget

The list of projects mentions the geographical location.


Se menciona la ubicación geográfica en el listado de proyectos.

Product and/or Result Indicators

The investment plan does not include product and/or result indicators.


The project list does not include a preferential order and/or prioritization criteria.

Caracterización del Plan