Action Plan 


The co-creation process of the Fifth Open Government Action Plan faced the social outbreak of October 2019, which implied a profound social and political change. Therefore, the different public bodies have adapted their institutional work to a new perspective focused on citizens and their needs. The social outbreak also implied a sense of necessity for a profound change throughout the country, deepening actions to reduce inequality and move towards a more inclusive society. Added to the social outbreak, the plan's co-creation process was immersed in the COVID-19 health crisis. Indeed, the entire process was affected by these two circumstances.

Since August 2020, the Board of Open Government and the Public Integrity and Transparency Commission of the Ministry of the General Secretariat of the Presidency have taken on the challenge of co-creating the fifth Action Plan. The process included instances of dissemination and awareness in Open Government, collaboration and networking, spaces for virtual participation, traceability and accountability, involvement of civil society and academia, and progress towards an Open State.

Monitoring and evaluation:

National platform for monitoring commitments (Click here)

Chile Results Report 2020-2022 - For Public Comment - Independent Reporting Mechanism (Click here)


Transversal topics: gender gap; inclusion; diversity

Total commitments: 10
Subnational commitments: No

Open parliament commitments: Yes
Open justice commitments: Yes

Caracterización del Plan

1. Improving access to public procurement information through the implementation of a new design for the open data website of ChileCompra, with a citizen focus

Implement a new design of the website with the objective of directly answering the questions of civil society regarding public purchases and thus increase transparency and citizen control in public purchases.

6. System of classification, measurement and reporting of investment in climate action

Prepare semi-annual Sustainability Reports on sustainable public works and investments included in the "Plan Step by Step, Chile Recovers".

9. Design of an integrated and interoperable platform for management and legislative information

Prepare a diagnosis and a design proposal for updating the Legislative Information System (SIL) platform and its interoperability with the different pages and websites of the National Congress; prepare a manual and carry out training to standardize the processes in the different instances that record information in the SIL; carry out a comparative analysis to design a participatory methodology to measure legislative management.