Action Plan


Guatemala's 5th Action Plan was designed by 36 public institutions and civil society organizations. The central axis of this plan is transparency in public management and the State budget. The plan takes into account six thematic areas for the development of its commitments: digital government and modernization of public management; education, health, food and nutrition security; environment, climate change; migration and poverty reduction; social inclusion and populations in conditions of vulnerability and management and monitoring of initiatives, treaties and international agreements on transparency, anti-corruption and accountability.

To create the plan, more than one hundred meetings and co-creation activities were held, six citizen discussions, twenty-six work meetings to co-create the commitments, seventeen work meetings between representatives of civil society organizations and public institutions, 35 meetings of the Open Government Technical Committee (Multi-stakeholder Forum on Open Government in Guatemala), and three meetings in follow-up to the co-creation process between the Open Government Partnership, the Collective of Social Organizations and the Open Government Technical Contact Point.

Monitoring and evaluation:

National platform for monitoring commitments (Click here)

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Main focus: open data

Total commitments: 12
Subnational commitments: No

Open parliament commitments: No
Open justice commitments: No

Caracterización del Plan

4. Develop a digital consultation tool that makes transparent the efforts of the Ministry of Education that allows the identification of pertinent information, defining the indicators collaboratively

Create the field of transparency and accountability in the web portal of the Ministry of Education to provide the population with accessible, understandable and updated information, as well as promote the use of the consultation tool within the website.

5. Strengthening transparency and accountability processes in health

Develop a section with information related to infrastructure that generates fixed capital on the website of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance; integrate the technical roundtable with civil society to analyze health infrastructure and generate recommendations; strengthen the MSPAS website in the open data section for greater transparency, follow-up of actions, and compliance with open data criteria.

6. Transparency, accountability, and socialization actions to strengthen efforts for the environment, stop climate change, and protect the country's biodiversity

Implement processes of socialization, accountability for plans, actions and results, training and strengthening of transparency mechanisms on the management of public entities with competence in environmental issues and climate change in the instances of SISCODE and in groups and collectives of organized civil society organizations.

7. Carrying out actions aimed at applying the Action Plan of the National Decent Employment Policy 2017-2032

Promote regular, orderly and safe labor migration through the Temporary Work Abroad Program of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, to facilitate access to temporary work opportunities abroad; specialize and strengthen labor intermediation processes for Guatemalans abroad through training and certification with specialized entities.

8. Design of strategy and inter-institutional coordination plan and programmatic articulation for the reduction of irregular migration

Design, through the Multisectoral Table for the Attention to Migration that will be established, an inter-institutional coordination strategy and a Plan for the programmatic, budgetary and geographical articulation of public policies that make it possible to attend to the most vulnerable population segments in the areas with the highest rates of irregular external migration.

9. Review of the National Disability Policy that includes as a product the preparation of a document that contains a proposal for a modification to the current policy, aligning itself with the guarantee of civil, economic and social rights...

Prepare a document containing a proposal to improve the current policy regarding the promotion of social inclusion in line with the guarantee of Civil, Economic and Social Rights established in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities of the United Nations - UN.

10. National and participatory monitoring of international conventions on transparency and anti-corruption

Form technical committees that integrate public entities responsible for implementing actions to prevent and fight corruption in Guatemala and civil society organizations to coordinate the implementation and follow-up of the commitments acquired by the State of Guatemala; demonstrate, with quantitative and qualitative data, the advances and challenges of the State of Guatemala in the application of international conventions to generate concrete proposals for the effective approach to the prevention and fight against corruption.

11. Training and diagnosis for the implementation of the open contracting data standard for infrastructure

Strengthening of the Infrastructure Transparency Initiative - CoST through strategic alliances with governing entities and executing units of public works in Guatemala; training to promote knowledge and dissemination of the international standard of the CoST initiative and other initiatives on transparency and anti-corruption mechanisms.

12. Improve the information mechanisms towards the systematic dissemination of EITI data in Guatemala

Develop adequate instruments for the collection and publication of materially relevant data for the elaboration of standard reports of the Initiative for the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) of Guatemala through technological development and improvement of the systematic disclosure of information.