Action Plan

The National Framework for Sustainable Development 2010 contemplates seven interconnected pillars. In particular, Pillar 6 connects directly with the principles of Open Government, as it aims to promote a public sector that is more effective and open to citizen participation. In accordance with this, the Government has committed to improve efficiency, productivity and customer service within agencies.

This Action Plan draws from these efforts in order to assure that the commitments included are framed in a long term perspective. In many cases, this document reflects the results of previous consultation efforts and is consistent with actions that are already in development. At the same time, the objectives included here are intended to provide a further drive towards achieving a more transparent, accountable and open for participation public sector in Trinidad and Tobago, to strengthen its capacity to deliver and meet public expectations.

Three consultation workshops were conducted in order to identify priority issues to be addressed and draft commitment proposals to be considered for inclusion in this Action Plan. Three themes were covered in these sessions: Public Service Improvement (attended by representatives from the Diamond Standard pilot projects), Open Data (with the attendance of representatives from the private, public and NGO sectors) and Procurement (with representatives from different ministries). Prior to the workshops, an electronic questionnaire was sent to all participants and the input was used for the consultations/or meetings.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

Independent Reporting Mechanism of the Open Government Partnership (Ver)


Total Commitments: 13
Subnational commitments: No

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1.1 Certify public agencies service quality

To ensure that 40 percent of Public Service Agencies have attained the Trinidad and Tobago Diamond Standard Certification (TTDS) namely Health, Education, Transportation, National Security, Works and Infrastructure and Trade service agencies. 

The criteria for the Diamond Standard Certification Programme are:
• Have a customer focused culture
• Understand and engage its customers and staff
• Be easy to do business with
• Deliver the promised service and puts things right when they go wrong
• Give clear information and be open and accountable
• Be committed to delivering value for money
• Continuous improvement and innovation, and be open to new approaches and technology
• Work in partnership with others to deliver results for citizens

1.2 To develop Human Resources Management capacity in the public service

To develop a strategic planning document, a Change Management Plan, and an ICT Plan in 4 public agencies and to develop a Competency Framework policy and system.

1.3 Strategic Human Resources Management Council

To develop a rigourous tool to assess the quality of public services delivered to citizens that can be measured, tracked and compared across Latin American and Caribbean countries.

1.4 Development of interactive media on Government business processes and programs to better access Government services

To develop interactive media on Government business processes and programs in order to better inform the public of the services available, requirements and process to access them. A total of 50 Public Services Agencies will participate in this exercise particularly those that citizens do business with on a regular basis such as Passport services, Licensing services, Registration of births and deaths, to name just a few.

1.5 Establish the Contact Centre to address the needs of national scholars (local and international)

Provide a virtual call centre for delivery of services to national scholars and their associates.

2.1 Adopt a policy on data standards and classification frameworks

To adopt, as a matter of Government policy, data standards and classification frameworks, through a multi-stakeholder consultative process.

2.2 Increase the number of publicly accessible Government datasets in open formats

To conduct an Open Data Readiness Assessment with a view to releasing at least six data sets in a machine readable format.

2.4 Create an easily accessible open Government portal , with a platform/repository for open data, as well as an interface to allow for feedback from the public

To create an easily accessible open Government portal, with a platform/repository for open data, as well as an interface aimed at allowing for feedback from the public.

3.1 To create a Civil Society Board

To establish a mechanism that allows adequate representation of Civil Society organisations in order to provide feedback to public policy decision making on a regular basis.

4.1 Audit the Accounts of the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs to International Standards

To ensure by 2015 that the accounts of the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs are audited to international standards.

4.2 Make publicly available the cadastre of licenses and contracts for the exploration and production of oil and gas in

To make publicly available, via the website of the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs, the cadastre of licences and contracts for exploration and production of oil and gas resources in Trinidad and Tobago.