Action Plan


Colombia has been immersed in a wave of protests and mobilizations that reject corruption, opacity, the misuse of public resources and, on the other hand, the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the above, trust and social cohesion have also been affected. For this reason, the Fourth National Action Plan for Open Government of Colombia has a State approach that includes executive entities at the national and local level, control bodies and the high courts to recover citizen confidence in public institutions.

The Open State Committee, with the support of the OGP Multi-Donor Trust Fund, designed the methodology for the construction process of this Fourth Action Plan in a consensual manner. First, the thematic areas were defined by a citizen consultation through a survey in which 806 citizens from 29 departments participated. Then, the problems and/or institutional proposals were identified to later generate the commitments. Finally, the commitments were drafted and adopted by the entities.

Monitoring and evaluation:

National platform for monitoring commitments (Click here)

Colombia Action Plan Review 2020-2022 - Independent Reporting Mechanism  (Click here)


Main focus: open data and transparency

Total commitments: 15
Subnational commitments: Yes

Open parliament commitments: No
Open justice commitments: Yes


Caracterización del Plan

4. Transparency in public finances

Harmonization between platforms that manage the programming and disbursement of resources, investment and public contracting to achieve traceability of public resources; strengthen the spaces for informed participation and generate citizen skills for the management of information on public finances in cross-cutting policies.

5. Social control of investment projects "Regalías COVID-19"

Promote citizen participation; generate supplies for the Monitoring, Follow-up, Control and Evaluation System of the General Royalty System (SGR); feedback monitoring results; update the registry of social actors and organizations; facilitate dialogue and interaction between various actors; contribute to compliance with the principles of transparency and the fight against corruption; move towards digital participation.

8. Democratization of local development. Open Government of the Mayor's Office of Bogota

Develop a strategy for the democratization of local development with collective intelligence through ICT support, prioritization, implementation and citizen monitoring of 50% of the resources of the Local Development Funds.