Action Plan


The context prior to the drafting of this Fourth Plan was characterized by the bad reputation that the Mexican Government acquired, as soon as the international media classified it as a "Spy Government" when various cases of espionage against civil society came to light. The foregoing caused uncertainty about Mexico's permanence in the Open Government Partnership. However, the plan development process represented a new starting point that raised expectations about open government in the country.

For eight months, the Coordinating Committee, the country's multi-stakeholder forum, carried out a co-creation process which included the participation of more than 1,100 people virtually and 400 people in person. This resulted in 6 co-created commitments (from the consultation process) and 7 proactive commitments (proposed by the Government and civil society).

Monitoring and evaluation:

National platform for monitoring commitments (Click here)

Mexico Results Report 2019-2022 - For Public Comment - Independent Reporting Mechanism (Click here)


Transversal approach: gender

Total commitments: 13
Subnational commitments: No

Open parliament commitments: No
Open justice commitments: No


Caracterización del Plan

1. Open and responsible spending on social programs

Implement a pilot project in five social programs that makes it possible to identify the traceability of public spending, detect areas of risk of compliance with objectives and goals, as well as probable acts of corruption, and initiate complaint procedures in case of irregularities.