Action Plan


For the development of the Fourth National Action Plan, 10 thematic areas for strategic action were considered: transparency and public integrity; natural resources and environment; social and educational policies; modernization of the state; Open Parliament; access to information; agricultural transparency; open budgets; and Open Justice.

The co-creation process of this fourth Action Plan was carried out through coordination between the Government and civil society to strengthen transparency, accountability, citizen participation and the use of communication technologies. Consultations and surveys were carried out to define the thematic lines, co-creation tables, meetings and awareness days, and technical training.

Monitoring and evaluation:

National platform for monitoring commitments (no information)

Panama Action Plan Review 2021-2023 - Independent Reporting Mechanism (Click here)


Transversal topics: gender; Sustainable Development Goal 16

Total commitment: 8
Subnational commitments: No

Open parliament commitments: No
Open justice commitments: No

6. Strategy for the inclusion and accessibility of government websites

Present the "Challenge for Digital Inclusion" to government entities, so that they implement accessibility standards for people with disabilities on their websites.

7. Open Budgets

The Ministry of Economy and Finance must adopt the methodology of the Open Budget Survey; build capacities of government officials and citizens in international budgetary principles; prioritize the publication of two of the eight documents of the Open Budget Survey; initiate a pilot plan to generate citizen consultations prior to the preparation of the 2023 general state budget; collect information to be able to publish in the Open Budget Index.