The 2020-2023 Medium Term Development Strategy, entitled “Economic Growth on the A.R.I.S.E. – Nou Tout Ansanm”, is a clarion call for collective action to drive Saint Lucia’s development agenda. It seeks to accentuate the interconnected nature of development planning by ensuring economic, social and environmental considerations are incorporated and mainstreamed into Saint Lucia’s national planning framework.


The MTDS is not a stand-alone planning document. It draws inspiration from previous legacy national planning documents, such as the draft 2011-2015 Medium Term Development Strategic Plan and the National Vision Plan of 2008, to establish context and to situate itself within the broader continuum of Saint Lucia’s national development journey. As a result, many of the issues highlighted in this document are similar to those in its predecessors, largely reflective of the persistence and structural nature of many of Saint Lucia’s challenges. However, the modality of delivery for the MTDS departs from the status quo in several ways.


It has 6 Key Result Areas: Agriculture, infrastructure, tourism, citizen security, education and healthcare. The approach outlined above is the vehicle through which Saint Lucia will achieve the broad objectives of Accelerated, Resilient, Inclusive, Sustainable and Equitably (A.R.I.S.E.) Shared Economic Growth.


An updated Medium Term Development Strategy (MTDS) 2021 – 2026 will soon be launched to replace the 2020 -2023 version. The update is being conducted by the Department of Economic Development.