The Medium Term Strategic Development Plan highlights the strategic development priorities for the country for the period 2016-2020.

The plan establishes:

Four Sustainable Development Dimensions:

  1. 1. Optimal Generation of National Wealth
  2. 2. Enhanced Social Cohesion
  3. 3. Improved Health of the Natural Environment and Sustained Historical and Cultural Assets
  4. 4. Enhanced Citizen Security

Seven Flagship Priorities:

  1. 1. Adequate Infrastructure
  2. 2. Strong Tourism Industry as an Economic Anchor
  3. 3. Transform Barbuda into a Green, Low Density, High-End Tourism Destination
  4. 4. Better Utilization of our Marine Space
  5. 5. Export of Non-Tourism Services
  6. 6 .Reducing the Cost of Energy and Improving Energy Security
  7. 7. Better Access to Adequate Housing

These dimensions and priorities guide the rest of goals and actions contained in the Plan. Within each dimension there are certain Necessary Conditions (NC) that must be fulfilled to achieve the ultimate goals. 

The plan also establishes a Monitoring and Evaluation system that is detailed in Chapter VII.