The General Directorate of Multi-annual Investment Programming prepares annually the Multi-annual State Investment Program (PMIE) with a 3-year horizon, this program integrates all the Multi-annual Investment Programs (PMI). The MIPs are prepared by the Multi-annual Investment Programming Offices of the Sector, Regional Government, or Local Government. The project list shows the complete portfolio of investment projects indicating general details such as responsible entity, current project phase, total investment amount, annual investment programming, unique investment code, and accrued budget (in the case of carry-over projects). As part of the construction process, the sectors identify gaps in infrastructure and access to services and based on this analysis establish multi-year goals for closing these gaps. This diagnosis also makes it possible to establish sectoral prioritization criteria that assign a numerical value to each of the criteria and thus prioritize the projects that make up the MIP. These criteria are used by the Regional and Local Governments according to the sectors involved in the projects that make up their own MIPs.

The PMIE 2021-2023 highlights the most important gaps identified by each of the sectors, the prioritization criteria by sector. This document also provides a detailed analysis of the composition of the public investment portfolio such as programmed investments by level of government, programmed investments by function, programmed investments by type of investment, programmed investments by function by department. The main PMIE document contains a list of the 5 most important investments in the representative sectors (transportation, education, health, sanitation, agriculture and livestock, and energy), including a brief description of the project, total amount programmed, and amount programmed for the period 2021-2023. The following section presents an analysis of the investments by sector linked to the main gaps identified, and the estimated projection for gap closure as the investments materialize. 


Latest update: July 13, 2021

Plan Characterization

Listado de Proyectos

El listado de proyectos detalla el nombre del proyecto, código único de inversiones, costo total de la inversión, y programación anual de la inversión (horizonte de 3 años), presupuesto devengado.

Costeo de Proyectos

El Programa de Inversiones muestra el costeo total individual de los proyectos de inversión

Presupuesto Asignado

El programa de inversión contempla presupuesto asignado para el primer año y proyectado para los años subsecuentes.


El Programa Multianual de Inversiones del Estado PMIE detalla las principales inversiones públicas por departamento.


Cada Ministerio establece sus propios criterios de priorización sectoriales, a partir de esto se elabora una lista de priorización de los proyectos de inversión nuevos, con un puntaje asignado a cada proyecto de acuerdo al cumplimiento de los criterios de priorización.