Click to access Surinam Multi-Year Development Plan 2022 - 2026


Suriname Multi-Year Development Plan 2022 - 2026 identifies several policy areas as well as long- and short-term goals.


This plan was established through conversations, exchange of information, focus group sessions and feedback on concepts that involved consultations with various ministries, companies, experts, associations, interest groups and political parties.


This Multi-Year Development Plan also looks to the future:


In 2050 Suriname will have a just society in which its values are fulfilled: justice, inclusiveness, freedom, equality and sustainability. Within the system of law and order, everyone can decide for themselves to realize his/her own potential, taking into account the sustainability of the environment. Every resident takes pride in a life and country that offers prosperity and well-being, holding the following norms in high regard:

*good governance;

*security of energy, water, food, health care, education, communications, social amenities;

*employment opportunities;

*value add creation;

*greening and green growth;

*international and local connections;

*recognition of land rights;


*export orientation


In addition, the Sustainable Development Goals are integrated with its goals, outcomes and indicators, and are therefore an essential part of the Plan.

Production, Entrepreneurship, Employment, Export


* Local content policy

* Improving business climate

* Set up SME fund

* Differentiating tax rates

* Business clusters for Nickerie, Moengo, Brokopondo, Groningen and Commewijne

* Residue and veterinary lab for food export

* Lower import tariffs for green technology and production

* Stimulating wood processing and phasing out round wood export

* Cultivation of high-quality nutritious cut grasses and moringa

* Training and information for farmers in a PPP format

Transportation and Infrastructure


* New connection across the Suriname River

* Scattered public transport hubs

* Redesigning 't Hogerhuysstraat

* Implementation of radar systems for overflight charges

Liveable Environment & Nature and Safety


* Phasing out toxic substances in mining

* Start up phase 2 of Safe City

* Community monitoring for the protection, rehabilitation and sustainable use of biodiversity

* Stimulating regionally spread development opportunities and production possibilities

* Drone surveillance

* Implementation of 4 water laws

* Adoption of the Nature Conservation Act

Efficient and Effective Government


* Privatization of state-owned enterprises

* Better tax collection

* Making government processes more efficient and transparent

* Implementation modalities to reduce civil servants

* Adopt the New Civil Code, Transparency Act, General Administrative Law Act

* Establish a corruption hotline and prohibition of conflicts of interest

* Create opportunities for districts to legally collect their own financial inflows

* Strengthening institutions

* Digitalization and automation of processes

Land and Housing


* Adopt Apartment Law

* More affordable and faster handling of family land transfers

* Annual construction of 500 homes for social housing

Social Protection


* Adopting the Basic Bank Account Act

* Implementation of cashless social benefits

* Homeless shelter set up

* Determining the poverty line and minimum hourly wage

* Set up job bank for different skill levels

* Implement a national program to combat violence against children

* Provide decentralized training, education and project opportunities

Education and Healthcare


* Poverty reduction through educational innovations based on cognition, whereby dropouts are reduced

* Make healthcare affordable, accessible, and reliable through a decentralized range of specializations

* Promote distance learning

* Operationalize Training Authority with involvement of the entrepreneurial field

* More focus on prevention