The National Land Use Policy (NLUP) provides direction for issues related to land use planning in the Commonwealth of Dominica. The National Land Use Policy sets the foundation for all land use decisions and describes how best to manage development to improve quality of life for Dominicans, through economic and social development, protecting human health and safety, and conserving the natural environment. 

This National Land Use Policy was developed through:

  1. - Analysis and compilation of existing policies in Dominica
  3. - A Strategic Environmental Assessment to examine the policy and ensure harmonisation with overarching policies
  5. - A program of consultation and collaboration with stakeholders
  7. - Applying the principles of good planning, and regional and global best practices

This plan is enabled through the Physical Planning Act (2002). Under the Act, the planning authority may prepare a National Physical
Development Plan
to guide land use planning decisions in the country.

The National Land Use Policy represents the overarching policy that will guide the development of the National Physical Development Plan. Therefore, the National  Physical Development Plan must set out a statement of the principle aims and objectives of the plan and the National Land Use Policy constitutes these principle aims and objectives with respect to directing development and land uses in Dominica.

Caracterización del Plan