The National Physical Development Plan (NPDP) for the Commonwealth of Dominica acts together with the National Land Use Policy (NLUP) as the two core documents which fulfill the requirements of the Physical Planning Act. Together the NLUP and NPDP guide planning for future land use and development in Dominica.

The National Physical Development Plan will facilitate rational, integrated long-term planning of all uses of land in the country. This instrument makes it possible to optimize the use of land by minimizing land use conflicts and helps guide decisions when there are land use trade-offs.

The NPDP also helps guide land use decisions that support environmental protection and enhancement, as well as decisions that support social and economic development. The NPDP is the partner document to the NLUP, which is the Cabinet-approved policy to guide the use of land and growth/development. All the policies in the NPDP are consistent with the NLUP. Both the NLUP and the NPDP are enabled through the Physical Planning Act (2002).

Under the Act, the Planning Authority may prepare, or cause to be prepared a NPDP to guide land use planning decisions in the country. The NLUP and the NPDP documents work together to form the National Physical Development Plan as described in the Physical Planning Act.

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