The Physical Development Plan Amended 2017 (PDP)  is intended to provide a vision for sustainable growth and development of the nation by setting out policies to guide relationships among land uses, built form, mobility, community facilities and physical infrastructure. It is also intended to be a framework to facilitate and guide investment, both public and private, to the year 2035 to advance a healthy, prosperous and resilient nation.

Physical planning is undertaken in Barbados for the orderly and progressive development of land and for the preservation and improvement of core assets, infrastructure and related amenities. Physical Planning as a government function is based on the Town and Country Planning Act (Cap.240). 

The purposes of the PDP are: 

  1. 1. Foster the economic, environmental, physical and social well-being of the residents of Barbados.
  2. 2. Address the critical impacts of climate change on Barbados as a Small Island Developing State (SIDS) through policies and strategies that enable the people of Barbados to thrive and remain resilient under changing climatic conditions.
  3. 3. Establish a vision to guide the future form of development with respect to land use, settlement patterns, food production, infrastructure and environmental management.
  4. 4. Guide the future form of development on the island and inform the public, business and government sectors as to the nature, scope and location of both development and protection areas for core assets.
  5. 5. Provide a clear and accessible investment framework for private and public works and actions which impact the social, economic and environmental health of the nation.

Caracterización del Plan