The Plan for the Creation of Opportunities 2021 - 2025 (National Development Plan-PND) contains the Pluriannual Public Investment Plan (PPIP). The PPIP is a public investment programming instrument that contains the technical and budgetary description of studies, programs and priority public investment projects for a 4-year period. It constitutes a programmatic reference tool that may be adjusted each year by the national planning entity at the time of defining the corresponding Annual Investment Plan. 

Latest update: december 17, 2022


Projects List

Does not prepare a list of projects

Project Costs

Costing by sector and strategic objectives of the Development Plan, not by individual projects because it does not list them.


No, this is done in the Annual Investment Plan for the corresponding year and is combined with Pluriannual Investment Plan.


There is no territorialization of the Pluriannual Investment Plan.

Product and Results Indicators

The Pluriannual Investment Plan does not include output and/or outcome indicators.


The guiding elements for allocating resources and prioritizing investment in the public sector are grouped in a manner consistent with the 5 thematic axes defined in the Plan for the Creation of Opportunities 2021 - 2025. It considers economic, social, integral security, ecological transition and institutional criteria. In any case, emphasis will be placed on job creation and health as a consequence of the Pandemic.