Convergence between Plan and 2030 Agenda

The Government of Trinidad and Tobago ''envisions a society where integrity and morality in public life is of the highest priority and the Government serves the public good above all else, and where decisions are made and actions taken by the Government in the best interest of all concerned.” 


The Strategy has five Development Themes that represent their national priorities in terms of the broad strategic areas of focus. However, within each theme, specific priorities have been identified taking into consideration the goals that must be achieved within the next five years. In so doing, the short term goals presented below represent the country’s national priorities to the year 2020.

Conceptos más frecuentes en el plan
Conceptos más frecuentes en el plan
Conceptos ODS en el plan
Conceptos ODS en el plan

THEME 1: Putting People First, Nuturing Our Greatest Asset.

Action 1.3.3

Reintroduction and reformation of the rent restriction bourad to curb continous increases in rent and ensure the rights of tenants. 

Goal 1.4: The healthcare system of Trinidad and Tobago will be sutainable and modern and deliver higher standards of healthcare.

Goal 1.6: The family will be protected and supported

Action 1.6.1

Encourage family development

Goal 1.7: Trinidad and Tobago will have a modern, relevant educations and training system.

Action 1.7.3

Revise the school curriculum to emphasise core values, nationalism and workforce readiness skills

THEME II: Delivering Good Governance and Service Excellence

Goal 2.2: The public service will have modern, effective and efficient management systems.

Action 2.2.5

Modernise and strengthen the Public Financia Managmet System

Action 2.2.7

Improve the coordination of national decision-making

Goal 2.3: Public Service delivery will be cutomer focused.

Action 2.3.2

Establish customer service standards

Action 2.3.3

Action 2.4.2

 Ensure equity in the administration of the criminal justice system

Action 2.4.7

Develop closer coordination and collabotarion between the law enforcement agencies and the defence force

THEME III: Improving Productivity through Quality Infrastructure and Transportation

Action 3.3.2

 Adopt and integrated planning approach to flood mitigation

THEME IV: Building Globally Competitive Businesses

Goal 4.1: Macroeconomic stability will be maintained

THEME V: Placing the Environmet at the Centre Social and Economic Development

Action 5.1.3

 Develop an implementation framework for policy and legislation

Action 5.1.4

 Conduct a comprehensive reviwe of spatial policy and relevant standards

Action 5.3.2

Design and implement adaptation actions for vulnerable sectors

Action 5.5.1

 Rehabilitate degraded areas and protect endangered and threatened species

Action 5.5.3

 Improve the Use of Data for the Management of Biodiversity