Decree No. 720/1995 of Argentina (Spanish)

This Decree:

 a) Appoints the National Directorate for Public Investment (DNIP) as the body responsible for the SNIP. It creates, in the DNIP field, the public Investment Project Bank (BAPIN).

b) Establishes the obligation for the national entities initiating projects to inform which office, within its structure, is in charge of the preparation and execution of the investment projects or programs.

c) Authorizes the Secretariat of Budget Assessment, Public Investment and PPP (ex – Sub-secretariat of Budget Assessment and Public Investment) to fix the maximum amount of programs or projects to be approved directly by the initiating body to be included into the National Public Investment Plan (PNIP).

d) Determines that the PNIP is formulated annually with a three-year projection.

May 1995
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May 1995
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Territorial scale
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