Ministry of Economic Development (MED) of Belize

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The Ministry of Economic Development, has principal general national economic planning responsibilities, also have responsibility for coordinating the formulation and implementation of Horizon 2030,  and the Growth and Sustainable Development Strategy 2016-2019, working in collaboration with the appropriate line ministries, statutory agencies, and other institutions as noted. 

Institucionalidad Agenda 2030

Seguimiento de la Agenda 2030

Órgano coordinador
Secretaría técnica

The implementation and monitoring of the SDGs are carried out by five interministerial technical committees, which have broad intergovernmental participation, including several government ministries related to the Strategy for Sustainable Growth and Development, GSDS, for its acronym in English. The technical committees in charge are: a) Optimal national income and investment committee, b) Social cohesion and resilience committee, c) Natural, historical, cultural and environmental assets committee, d) Government and e) Citizen Security Commission.
Additionally, the Ministry of Economic Development (MDE) is developing a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework, which will outline the roles of various institutions in monitoring and evaluating the progress of the GSDS implementation.

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