Planning office Suriname - Stichting Planbureau Suriname (SPS)

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The Planning Bureau originated in 1951, when on 30 July of that year, the Stichting Planbureau Suriname (SPS) was founded with the aim of: formulating, coordinating, monitoring and updating development plans that lead to the promotion of mental and material prosperity in Suriname. In 1973 the Plan Act was promulgated, leading to the functioning of the Planning Bureau.

The SPS is tasked with:

Supporting the Vice President in drafting the Multiannual Development Plan.

Preparing for the annual plans to be presented by the Vice President, where applicable, divided into national, regional and sectoral plans implementing the Multiannual Development Plan established.

Coordinating plans and projects, alignment with national and regional planning, planning for spatial development and the environment and the elaboration of these in land plans.

Monitoring and evaluating the projects in progress and giving advice in this regard.

Carrying out the additional assignments given by the Vice President, appropriate within the SPS working area.

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