Planning of Barbados

26Barbados_finalfinalok2 Formulation Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation T hrough its Organizes a Approvedby With the Alignes tothe BGDS Economic AffairsDivision NationalConsultation Ministry ofFinance andEconomic Affairs Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs $ Private Sector,Labor, CivilSociety andRegional andInternationalDevelopment Partners EPPEconomicEmpowermentPlan OtherPrograms Monitoringmatrixshouldbe build Quarterlytargets will beproposedwhich will beoutlinedwith thecorrespondingagencies Parliament BarbadosMedium-TermGrowth andDevelopmentStrategy(BGDS)2013-2020


The Government of Barbados has appointed the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs with the task of formulating the Barbados Medium-Term Growth and Development Strategy 2013-2020 (BGDS). The Division of Economic Affairds organized a National Consultation process on June 27th 2013.

The result of the consultation process was used as an essential input for designing the BGDS 2013-2020. The Document was approved by the Parliament, under the administration of  Barbados Democratic Labor Party (BLP).


In the implementation process of the BGDS, The Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs will be responsible for ensuring the acomplishment of goals and targets. “To this end, this Strategy will require strategic and decisive leadership and management at all levels by Government in full collaboration with the private sector, labor, civil society and regional and international development partners". The efficient and effective execution of this strategy will require stakeholder buy-in from representatives of the several agencies and groups. In order to implement other important  programs such as Economic Empowerment Plan (EPP) aligned to the Medium Term Strategy.

This process is still underway.

Monitoring and Evaluation

In this phase, a monitoring matrix should be built. It will become useful to bring clarity and guide the process. This matrix will outline the specific measures, responsible agencies, timeframe and key targets to be met.

Also, quarterly targets will be proposed which will be outlined with the corresponding agencies.

Connection with sectoral planning

This plan requires that the Government works together with other different sectors such as agriculture, tourism, international business and other capital works programmes.