Convergencia entre el Plan y la Agenda 2030

The Medium Term Sustainable Development Plan succeeds the National Economic and Social Transformation Plan and highlights the strategic development priority for the country for the period 2015-2019. Under the Vision of: "A harmonious, prosperous and modern Antigua and Barbuda founded on the principles of sustainability and inclusive growth; where equality of opportunity, peace, and justice prevail for all citizens and residents", this country establishes 4 Sustainable Development Dimensions

1. Optimal Generation of National Wealth;

2. Enhanced Social Cohesion

3. Improved Health of the Natural Environment and Sustained Historical and Cultural Assets; and

4. Enhanced Citizen Security

and 7 Flagship Priorities

 1. Adequate Infrastructure .

 2. Strong Tourism Industry as an Economic Anchor; 

 3. Transform Barbuda into a Green, Low Density, High-End Tourism Destination; 

 4. Better Utilization of our Marine Space;

 5. Export of Non-Tourism Services;

 6. Reducing the Cost of Energy and Improving Energy Security; and

 7. Better Access to Adequate Housing;

which guide the rest of goals and actiones contained in the Plan. 

Inside the same plan they have developed a Monitoring and Evaluation system, detailed in Chapter VII.

1. Optimal Generation of National Wealth;

B. Sustainable Development Dimension 2: Enhanced Social Cohesion

C. Sustainable Development Dimension 3: Improved Natural Environment and Sustained Historical and Cultural Assets

D. Sustainable Development Dimension 4: Enhanced Citizen Security