According to the The Planning and Subdivision Act  (2010), there shall be a Land Use Plan for each island of The Bahamas, consistent with all National Land Use Development Policies, which shall be prepared by or for the Department and should to:

(a)  include written statements in respect of goals, objectives and land use policy established primarily to manage and direct physical change and the effects on the social, economic and natural environment and such other matters as may be prescribed; 

(b) contain land use designations to allocate land for residential, industrial, commercial, agricultural, conservation, institutional, recreational, tourism and other purposes as specified in the plan;

(c) designate areas which, for reasons of flooding, erosion, subsidence, instability, aircraft safety, other hazards, conservation or other environmental considerations including wetlands, should not be developed; 

(d) define the location of existing and planned roads and utility corridors including a road hierarchy system;

(e) contain policies to prevent and minimize the occasion of land use conflicts between incompatible activities including the conflicts associated with residential development encroaching on preexisting agricultural livestock operations;

(f) include such maps, schedules, tables and descriptive matter as may be necessary to illustrate the written statements with such degree of particularity as may be appropriate; 

(g) make provision for the development of infrastructure, public buildings, open spaces and other public sector investment works; 

(h) make provision for the preservation of buildings, sites and other features for architectural, cultural or historical reasons; and

(i) contain such other matters as the Minister may direct.


Plan Characterization