Action plan


The development of the 6th National Action Plan was based on the methodology adopted in the last three plans, which includes three work phases: i) Themes Definition; ii) Co-creation Workshops; and iii) Approval of the Plan. The themes were selected into two categories, those prioritized by the federal government, and those indicated by civil society. The cocreation workshops were collaborative meetings involving 155 people representing 80 institutions, 47 civil society organizations and 33 government entities.

Monitoring and evaluation

National monitoring platform (no information)


Total commitments: 8
Subnational commitments: No

Open parliament commitments: No
Open justice commitments: No

Plan Characterization

1. Instruments to improve transparency and social participation in public infrastructure policies

Create or improve, as well as disseminate mechanisms that enable transparency, engagement, participation, and effective and qualified social control in the phases of the public infrastructure policy cycle: prioritization of problems, analysis of alternative solutions, detailing and execution of plans and projects.