Mechanism of articulation/coordination between sectorial and land planning in Saint Lucia


National Level:

Territorial planning in Santa Lucia focuses on physical planning, in which numerous sectorial management instruments are involved, such as the Coastal Zone Management Policy; National Housing Policy; National Energy Policy; National Water Policy; National Plan for Policy and Adaptation to Climate Change; National Agricultural Policy and Strategy; National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan; National Tourism Policy; Waste Management Policy on land and ships.

There are three main instruments for the development and control of the use and transformation of the land: The Law of conservation and improvement of the land, Cap. 5.10 (Land Conservation and Improvement Act, Chap 5.10) of the year 1992, the Law of Physical Planning and Development, Cap. 5.12 (Physical Planning and Development Act, Chap 5.12), No. 29 of 2001 and the National Land Policy of 2007 (under review).

The Land Conservation and Improvement Act, Cap.5.10 of 1992 establishes a Board of Land Conservation for the general supervision of the land and advise the Ministry of Agriculture and lands in the supervision of the land and water resources, stimulating the public interest in conservation and coordinate efforts of other conservation agencies.

The Law of Physical Planning and Development No.29 of 2001 (Chapter 5.12) regulates the development of the land, the evaluation of the environmental impacts of development, the granting of permission to develop the land and for other powers to regulate the use of land. the earth. Seeks to guarantee the sustainable use of public and private lands, to maintain and improve the physical environment, provide for the orderly subdivision of land and the provision of infrastructure and services, maintain and improve construction standards to ensure health and safety human rights, and protect the natural and cultural heritage of Saint Lucia. For the above, the Development Control Authority is established and physical plans are available whose prescriptions are binding for projects or programs of the public sector. It corresponds to the Division of Physical Planning and Development of the Ministry of Economic Development, Housing, Urban Renewal, Transportation and Civil Aviation (Ministry of Economic Development, Housing, Urban Renewal, Transport and Civil Aviation), the responsibility for the formulation and implementation of the national physical plans or for some areas determined by the ministry.

The National Land Policy of 2007 (under review) is a guide to the use, management and development of land resources to optimize the contribution of land to sustainable development. One of its guidelines is to ensure that there is adequate coordination among all actors, and that the objectives and policy instruments are coherent, compatible and mutually reinforcing.

The governing bodies of both the physical planning and each of the sectorial actions with territorial impact are responsible for the harmonization of policies, strategies and plans that are under their control. There is no institutional organization for cross-cutting sectors coordination and articulation.

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